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What are Earth Blocks?

Earth Blocks are high-quality building materials made from compressing the right mix of soil with 6-9% cement, based on the mix design. Earth Blocks are also referred to as Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) or Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) or Compressed Soil Mud Blocks (CSMB). Earth Blocks are stabilized with Cement.

Why Choose Earth Blocks

Strong & Durable

CSEBs produced by us are high-quality building materials and far exceed the strength requirements stipulated by the Indian Standards. Earth Blocks are far superior in quality & strength than locally made country fired bricks.


Embodied energy and carbon emissions of Earth Blocks is lesser by 10 and 12 times, when compared with country fired bricks.The energyy efficiency of homes with Earth Blocks reduces the overall environmental impact after construction also


Earth Blocks are one of the few building materials which do not emit toxic gases. Relative humidity levels in Earthen buildings increase indoor air quality. This regulation of humidity greatly increases indoor air quality which is the cause of many common illnesses often attributed to the change in seasons.

Zero Waste

Once a home made from compressed earth blocks needs to be torn down after a lifetime of use, the walls' materials will reintegrate into the earth from where they came,drastically reducing amount of construction waste. In this context, earthen blocks can be considered a cradle-to-cradle product.


Soil is the abundantly available and oldest building material known to man. Humans have been living in Earthen Dwellings since the beginning of time. Earth Blocks reinforce this traditional building material by engineering them for modern times


A house built with Earth Blocks looks elegant, is structurally strong & aesthetically appealing

Costs less to build and maintain

Building with compressed earth blocks is not only eco friendly but also costs less to build & Maintain in the long run

Thermal Mass

Earth Blocks walls will bring a large amount of thermal mas , which can be used for passive solar heating to help regulate your home's internal temperature and reduce your heating and cooling loads. Also, due to the large proportion of clay and soil used in these bricks, the walls will naturally “breathe,” thus regulating indoor humidity levels and improving the overall indoor air quality.

CSEB - Benefits

  • Creates superior indoor environments
  • Earth Block structures are warm, solid, and quiet.
  • Environmentally sound
  • Earth Block structures can use up to 20 to 30% less energy to heat and cool than concrete block structures.
  • Dirt is a renewable resource that is plentiful.
  • Earth Blocks take very little energy to make compared to the extreme heat necessary to make cement based blocks & the firing process required to make clay bricks.
  • Earth Block walls are sound proof, fire proof, bug proof, and mold proof.
  • Since the blocks are made from natural materials they do not out-gas any toxic chemicals like most conventional building components.
  • Long lasting , Earthen homes have been around for thousands of years. Earth Blocks will stand the test of time.

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