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Eco friendly SOLID BLOCKS

About Us

Company Goals and Objectives:

Manufacturing Interlocking Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks, Promote the Use of this & help other Rural Entrepreneurs to setup & operate similar production facilities.

  • Reduce - Cost of wall construction
  • Reduce - Labour requirement
  • Reduce - Usage of sand & cement
  • Reduce - Future maintenance costs
  • Increase - Speed of construction
  • Eco friendly - Soil is Sustainable & Eco friendly & does not need to be burnt
  • Unskilled manpower - can construct using this system.
  • Earthquake resistant - construction in this system is earthquake resistant.
  • Passive cooling - Cooler Interiors, this is a natural property of Soil.

Mission Statement:

Making housing affordable , Technologies and solutions for smart sustainable cities and integrated townships. Promotion of affordable eco friendly housing. Green building solutions. Sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. Training and skill development .

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